Good Profit in Action

Discover what happens when people apply the timeless principles and ideas from Good Profit to their real-world challenges.

Illustration of Billy Sorenson

Harnessing the Light

For solar company founder Billy Sorenson, Good Profit has provided a vital framework that has empowered him to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with his customers.  

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Illustration of Samantha Rudd

The Vines That Bind

For second-generation winery owner Samantha Rudd, the lessons of Good Profit help her deal with far more than business. They inform and guide other aspects of her life as well.

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Illustration of Tien Huynh

Margins with a Mission

For Tien Huynh, the ideas found in Good Profit helped open his eyes to the possibility of pursuing his entrepreneurial passions. Every day, he applies those lessons throughout his various businesses.

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Illustration of Kathaleena Monds

Learning to Flourish

For Kathaleena Edward Monds, finding ways to better help those in fragile communities achieve educational success is a driving passion. The ideas in Good Profit are helping her do just that.

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Illustration of Ben Kroeger

Culture of Possibility

When Benjamin Kroeger came to Guardian Industries, he picked up a copy of Good Profit. Little did he realize the positive change reading it would make in his life and career.

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Illustration of Maurice Ferre

Transformative Treatment

For Maurice Ferre, the concept of creative destruction in Good Profit isn’t just theory. It’s about disrupting conventional medical solutions to find better ways to heal people.

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Illustration of Kathy Walters

Keeping Success Rolling

Kathy Walters is a true believer in the transformational power of vision as explained in Good Profit. After all, she experienced it firsthand in her consumer products role at Georgia-Pacific.

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