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Illustration of Kathaleena Monds

Kathaleena Monds, Ph.D.

Professor & Founding Director, Center for Educational Opportunity at Albany State University

Favorite quote from Good Profit

“Allowing people the freedom to pursue their own interests (within the limits of just conduct) is the best and only sustainable way to achieve societal progress.” Good Profit, page 14

For first-generation college graduate Kathaleena Edward Monds, education has opened the doors to many a degree, including to a bachelor's and master's in computer science, a masters in economics and entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in instructional technology.

Today, as the founder and director of Albany State University Center for Educational Opportunity, she’s using that knowledge to open doors for countless others by advancing educational research in fragile communities from the bottom up.

As she goes about her work, there’s one key resource she returns to again and again – Good Profit by Charles Koch.

“The book Good Profit provides a framework with connections to humanistic leadership and liberation – two facets that marginalized people and societies aspire for – to be led by those who value our humanity, and to be left alone to live,” Kathaleena said. “Individuals who view their roles within an organization as intrapreneurs will perform and engage at the level that aligns with their belief that they are not ‘just’ an employee at a company, but an integral part of the fabric of the organization and the success or failure of the organization.”

To help her achieve her mission, Kathaleena daily draws heavily upon three of the book’s Guiding Principles: Integrity, Knowledge and Humility.

“As we aim to understand the challenges of K-12 education and barriers families face, we do not enter such efforts in a vacuum by not understanding the generational trauma, economic challenges, or the opportunity costs that families face in understanding how to remove barriers, while simultaneously findings ways to maintain one’s sanity,” said Kathaleena. “To that end, we work to ensure the integrity of our research by not simply seeing families as data points, but as people; we recognize that our individual educational experiences should not guide the decisions or conclusions we make about others; and the complexity of educational challenges requires that we are humble in our efforts to understand.”

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